About The Transfer Options Dialog

About The Transfer Options Dialog While using the UI Copy, you can see the “Transfer Option Dialog” before the transfer (download or upload) starts. All the options can be set while or before you start the transfer. Below are the very first steps, which you use as default options. The users can suppress the transfer options dialog. […]

WinFTP Pro – Preferences

Preferences This guide will show you the details about preferences, its uses, and the list of all the pages. The use of Preferences dialog is to configure the general interfaces, behavioral, and all other settings of the software WinFTP Pro. If you want to show the Preferences dialog in the software, use this command- View […]

The Network Page (Preferences Dialog)

The option the network page can be found under the Preferences dialog. It allows you to configure the global network preferences. For more details, you can refer to the following documentation of the network page sections: External IP address Connections External IP address If you want to use the active mode with the “FTP” Protocol, […]

Duplicate Dialog

Duplicate Dialog The Duplicate Dialog is one of the most useful options in WinFTP Pro software. In this guide, we are going to describe the duplicate or duplicate dialog in detail. If you want to duplicate the remote files, you will see this duplicate dialog. Over here are more details about how you can use […]

The SFTP Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

In this post, you will read about the SFTP Page. Since the SFTP Page is related to the Advanced Site Settings dialog, you will find this using SFTP file protocol on the login page. The SFTP page or SFTP Page allows you to configure the SFTP protocol-specific settings and options. If you want to open […]

The Encryption Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)


This post will brief you about the encryption page or the Encryption Page, which comes under the Advanced Site Settings dialog. WinFTP Pro software can encrypt your files easily, on the SFTP server by using “AES-256. If you want to open this page, you will be required to choose the SFTP Files Protocol on the […]

Importing Sites

In this import guide, we will explain the method and steps of Importing Sites using WinFTP Pro software. Importing the files is the primary step when you use the software. You can work on the further part of the files after finishing the import process. WinFTP Pro Software enables you to import the sites from […]

Generate Session URL/Code/Transfer Code Dialog

The ui_generateurl is useful if you want to generate the session URL, file, or code template, use the dialog “Generate session URL/code.” If you are looking for an option to open the dialog to generate the code or session URL, use: Session > Generate Session URL/Code This command will be used on the main window […]

Create Folder Dialog

In this guide, we are going to explain how you can create a folder dialog. Creating a new directory helps you to work separately on the directories in WinFTP Pro Software. The process of creating a new directory is very straightforward, which needs minimum steps to be finished. Here are more insights into creating a […]

The Window Page (Preferences Dialog)

The window page is a sub-page of Preferences Dialog. This window page helps you to configure the display options of the WinFTP Pro software window. For further details, please refer to the following details and documentation of window page sections- Workspaces Path in Window Title Miscellaneous Workspaces On the exit checkbox, you can see an […]

The Updates/Statistics Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Updates/Statistics page option can be seen under the Preferences Dialog of WinFTP Pro software. This option will help you to configure the updates of the application. Note: Most of the options are not available on the page in Microsoft Store installation. You can see there the page name is Statistics. Below are some more […]

The Transfer Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Transfer Page under the Preferences Dialog allows the users to configure all the default transfer settings and the transfer settings presets. This also includes the rules of Auto selection. There are three more transfer options available when you open its subpages; these are below Drag & Drop Background Endurance For further details, please refer […]