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Synchronization Checklist

In this guide, we will learn about ui_synchronize Dialog usage and steps. In the synchronize Dialog, you will find the direction of selection and more

Configuring Session (Login Dialog)

You can configure your session using the login dialog, start WinFTP Pro, and then open Login dialog. This dialog may have some more additional sessions

Location Profiles Dialog

The dialog Location Profiles is an optional use under the commander interface. You can use this option, as an alternative to the Bookmark dialog.  This

Transfer Settings Dialog

You can use the Transfer Settings Dialog to configure the followings: Here are the default transfer settings Settings, which are available for Uploading and downloading

Editor Preferences Dialog

Editor Preferences Dialog

The Editor Preference dialog is useful to set up or modify the pages of editor preference. The Editor Preference dialog can be seen under the

Main Window (Explorer Interface)

This option under the main window called Explorer Interface or explorer interface is basically looked like the Windows Folders or Windows File Explorer. Similar to

Transfer Settings Preset Editor

Transfer Settings Preset Editor

If you are using the command transfer preset, it will show you the “Transfer Settings Preset Editor” dialog. Therefore, while you are going to add