Create Folder Dialog

In this guide, we are going to explain how you can create a folder dialog. Creating a new directory helps you to work separately on the directories in WinFTP Pro Software. The process of creating a new directory is very straightforward, which needs minimum steps to be finished. Here are more insights into creating a […]

The SFTP Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

In this post, you will read about the SFTP Page. Since the SFTP Page is related to the Advanced Site Settings dialog, you will find this using SFTP file protocol on the login page. The SFTP page or SFTP Page allows you to configure the SFTP protocol-specific settings and options. If you want to open […]

The Endurance Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Endurance page or resume on the Preferences dialog helps you to configure the support for an automatic transfer resuming and reconnecting with the server of the application. While working on WinFTP Pro, you need all the setups to make the files transfer uninterrupted. This post will guide you on how to reconnect and to […]

The Panels Page (Preferences Dialog)

The panels Page (Preferences Dialog) allows the users to configure the display and the behavioral options of the files panel. You can find some more panel options, which are available on the below subpages: File Colors Local Remote  For more details, you can refer to the documentation of the following page sections- Common Options Double-Click […]

About Dialog

About Dialog WinFTP Pro is a graphical open source SFTP and FTP client for Windows that also supports the old FTP protocol. It offers a protected data and files transfer between different computers and enables the use of protected “tunnels.” It can also rename files & folders, create new folders, change file & folder properties, […]

Bookmark Dialog

This option bookmark, of WinFTP Pro Software, is also known as Open Directory. It will show you when you will add the bookmark by using the command “Add Path” to Bookmarks. In the Commander Interface, you will see the location of the Profiles Dialog is available additionally. Also, in the bookmark dialog, you can manage […]

The Background Page (Preferences Dialog)

The background page comes under the Preferences dialog, it helps uses to configure the behavior or WinFTP Pro software, while they transfer the files on the background. As the name says itself, the background transfer option allows you to transfer multiple files, which can be in progress while you are working on the other files […]

The Commander Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Commander page (under the preferences dialog) is available for the users who want to configure an interface and the options of behavioral, which are specific to the Commander interface only. Using this dialog, you can access three main options for selecting the files and styles. Over here are more details about the commander page […]

The Commands Page (Preferences Dialog)

This post is containing all the options and details about the commands page and its usage. While you are working on the WinFTP Software, you can easily find this command under the “Preferences dialog.”  This option allows you to configure all the custom commands, also you can easily manage the extensions of WinFTP Pro software. […]

The Drag & Drop Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Drag&Drop Page or drag-drop option allows the users for the behavior configuration of WinFTP Software. Basically the users can do the configuration when they are transferring the files using this drag&drop option to the other applications. In addition, it will not affect the drag&drop within WinFTP Pro (Example– Between the Remote and Local panels […]

The Interface Page (Preferences Dialog)

The use of this interface page option is mainly available in the WinFTP software to enable the users to configure and change the interface’s colors. You can set the dark of the theme using this option and work around the interface per your preferences. Below are the points and documentation of the interface page sections […]

The Logging Page (Preferences Dialog)

While you are using the WinFTP software, you will land to a big feature, which is called Preferences. If you use this option and start working on any site, you will see plenty of sub-features, which are co-related to this main feature. Each option has its own functionality. In this post, we will learn about […]