In the previous guides of NeoFilm, we have seen plenty of steps of how you can add and mix the background music using the NeoFilm video editing software. In all guides, we have noticed that we did not cut the tracks at the end of the video track itself. Air is a reason behind this process that the shape of the music is track matters at this point, and it has also provided us with the idea of how you can fade using the filter applied. Therefore the final version of the video would be ideal in terms of background music while the video is closing.

As a technical term, we can assume that whatever we have learnt in the past guide of adding and mix in background music can have a closing sequence of the video. Hair we can also import the transparent background image in our video project, also so we can append the same at the end of the video track. In addition, we can also add a text filter into the video using any text like your name, the file name, or the scene, which is going to be played in the video.

In this guide, we are going to describe a new method of adding and mixing background music tour video file.

In above all the three steps, we have extended the duration of all faith filters, which is the default from one second to almost 1:20 seconds. Now, if you try to back up your play had to the midpoint of the last filter, you can see your end title/ credit text, which is available in the mid-fade-out of your screen:

By following all the steps carefully, we have now a completely e beautiful sequence of ending. Here one exception is that your video track ok is carrying the complete length of the end credit sequence also, so it ends abruptly.

As of now, the visible co-relative option is not available in the NeoFilm video editing software in the timeline, so that’s it in this guide off adding, and mixing background music using NeoFilm. We hope you will try the options fade in and fade out and all the filters applied in the very first panel of all the videos.