The properties of any video or the purpose of the editing determine what exactly we want with the audio and video. Sometimes, we prefer the audio or video to rename as they are original, and sometimes we want to edit based on our preferences.


In case the audio quality of our video is not matching with the scene, for example, any interview, narrations, explanations, of any method. In all these cases, we sometimes want to enhance the audio quality to make it more clear. Alternatively, we want the voice to be more clear instead of being too loud.


In addition to these, most of the users want to remove the extra pauses of the narrations and the filler words to make their audio and video more used according to them. Apart from this, we may intend to mute some part of the sound or the whole video clip. This is the whole process of editing a video or audio up to your satisfaction.


This is yet good that NeoFilm video editing software allows the users to do all the above things and even many things that are more advanced. You can now add other narration or voice over which was initially not the part of a video clip, which was recorded originally.


How to edit the sound of video or audio track using NeoFilm?


In the time of film making with the professional editing tools, audio editing is one of the main parts. You can use it for both purposes, like to enhance the quality of the video and audio or to balance the track and to make it more perfect.


There are so many effects of sound, which were not recorded with the track, for example, Mood, for various music, full-scale music, or a feature-length video clip. In all these, you may want a different voice over, which you can use for any documentary or any film, which is based on the fictional genre.

Of course, actual ‘over-dubbing of the original vocal sound into a foreign language for audiences who prefer not to read sub-titles, or perhaps in a musical if the lead actor or actress doesn’t quite have the necessary vocal chops to pull off the singing parts.

How to Clean up the video using NeoFilm

How to ‘Clean Up’ the Recorded Voiceover Narration using NeoFilm

Voiceover Narration

Maybe you will find more longer pause while cleaning up the video. Therefore, you can select these ones and delete them by using the above method.

The entire process of selection is safe, and easy to delete the unwanted part. Now your video and audio are smooth enough to be used, and it has the important information as well in terms of visual effects and the matching voice over.