As soon as you open any video, it will be shown on the core panel of the NeoFilm UI (called the source panel) and starts playing. In this guide, we will explain the playlist, timeline, and preview options.


To convert an uploaded file to a real editable asset, you need to add it to the playlist.

Note: The properties panel has replaced the playlist panel in this part of the entire UI, but the latter panel will be open, and can now be accessed via the tab, which you can see at the bottom of the properties panel. It will help you to switch back and forth between the two.


Note: Do not confuse the + button in the playlist controls, which added items from the source to the playlist – if you ever make such a mistake, delete it using the undo button).


The Preview scaling system can be used to reduce the resolution of video processing when you use reasonably sized filters, transitions, and track mixing. This may help with performance during the editing process. However, you should keep in mind that the original video or images should generally be measured to the size of the designed preview, and this will incur processing costs.