Screen Recorder Studio - Tutorial

Start with a New Project

If you are a first-time user, we recommend you run the Auto-configuration Wizard to get a jump start of the software:

  • From the main file menu, click Tools | Auto-Configuration Wizard to start
  • Based on your primary interest, choose Optimize for streaming or Optimize for recording, click Next
  • In Video Settings, make your selection for  Base Resolution and FPS. An FPS of 30 is recommended unless you have a beefy computer. Click Next
  • In Stream Information, set up the service you want to use. If you haven’t decided which one to use, simply select YouTube and enter 12345 for Stream Key. Click Next

The wizard then runs a set of tests to discover the best settings for your PC. The test results will be displayed for your confirmation. Click Apply Settings to accept or Back to re-configure. 

Set up Audio Devices

Screen Recorder Studio is preconfigured to capture desktop audio from your default system audio output device. You can verify this by playing a sound track (e.g. YouTube) and look at the volume meters in the Audio Mixer window to see if it is active. If the volume meter isn’t moving, then a wrong device might being recorded instead. Then check your audio settings:
  • From the file menu, click File | Settings and select Audio
  • In the Global Audio Devices section, click the Desktop Audio dropdown
  • Review the list of options and select the right audio channel for recording
Test your desktop audio capture again to ensure it is set up correctly.

Add Sources for Video Capture

By default, Screen Recorder Studio doesn’t capture any video. To add a video source for recording:

  • At the bottom section of the main window, locate the control window titled “Sources”
  • Click the “+” sign or right-click and choose Add
  • Pick the source you would like to capture, for instance a Display Capture, which is the entire screen of your monitor
  • In the next window – Create/Select Source, give the source a unique label, and click OK

You should see the live playback of the newly-added video source being displayed in the preview window. If not, ensure that the preview option for the video source is set to Show instead of Hide .

Test Recordings and Streaming

When you have configured the application for capturing all input & output sources,  double check that all the settings are how you want them:

  • From the main menu, click File | Settings, and select Output
  • In the Streaming section, check Video Bitrate, Encoder, and Audio Bitrate
  • In the Recording section, check Recording Path, Recording Quality, and Recording Format

Instead jumping in to your first stream or recording, run a test for a few minutes to make sure that there are no issues:

  • Simply click Start Recording
  • Conduct a dry run for a minute or two
  • Click Stop Recording when you are dong

To find your recordings: click File | Show Recordings